Chinese 2018 Calendar with Holidays

Hey Guys! If you want to know about Chinese calendar then this site can be very useful for you because here you will get to know all holidays that celebrated in China. If you are unknown for china’s holiday and want to Know about China’s holiday please keeping reading. The Chinese calendar 2018 is very popular in China because Chinese people celebrate all their festivals according to the Chinese calendar. This calendar is just like the traditional calendar and also known as Lunisolar calendar. All people of China use this calendar and other countries people also use this Chinese calendar. So Chinese calendar is being very popular nowadays because not only China people use Chinese calendar while other people are using this calendar.

Chinese Calendar 2018

2018 calendar Chinese new year

This Chinese calendar is free for you. You will not have to pay anything to download this calendar. If you are searching this calendar, hope you will face a difficulty to search holidays in China but in this site, you can simply get Chinese calendar 2018. This Chinese calendar is designed such a way that you will not face any difficulties to search any holiday that celebrated in China and also help you to find events, precious day, Wedding planning day and reminding your business schedule and many more.

The Chinese calendar shows new days that begins at midnight while the previous day also ends at the midnight and the month generally begins from the day with the dark or new moon.  If you will look at the solar term then you will have to see the more important in the Chinese calendar and Every month has 3 Solar terms for the particular month.

Lunar Chinese New Year 2018

Lunar Chinese calendar 2018

Georgian calendar also is known as the Offical calendar in China, Almost people and other countries of China use this calendar. There are the lot of festivals that celebrated in China’s people. Using this calendar, you can know about full details of China’s holidays and festivals that could be very important for you. If we talk about the japan’s traditional calendar, there is no big difference between in both calendar only is that Japan calendar is based on the Japanese meridian.


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I hope, this calendar will be very beneficial for you and will provide you all details of holidays in China that would help you to know any date and festivals. You can download this Chinese calendar in few second without any cost. If you have any query regarding this calendar please Let me know or you can also write your query in below comment box. Please keep visiting for more update.

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